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Welcome to the Webpage of the Zug Cricket Club​


​Since 1984, the Zug Cricket Club has been actively engaged in the sport of cricket. Our diverse membership hails from a broad region in Switzerland, including the cantons of Aargau, Zurich, and Zug. For many years, our practice sessions were held at the Zendenfrei Sportsground in Obfelden, which served as our cherished home field throughout the 90s. However, since 2022 we have secured a new sports ground in the local community of Hedingen.

Our club boasts a vibrant mix of members from Sri Lanka, India, and Switzerland. Nevertheless, we are eager to welcome sports enthusiasts from around the globe.


English serves as the primary language within the Swiss Cricket scene.

Currently, the Zug Cricket Club features a membership of around 20 individuals, actively participating in matches and supporting the club passively. Members gather not only for league matches and the exhilarating Twenty20 Tournament but also for friendly games. To ramp up the excitement, the club actively engages in T10 matches. The commitment to various formats reflects the club's enthusiasm for the sport and dedication to providing its members with diverse and engaging cricket experiences.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, if you're passionate about cricket, we invite you to join our community. For inquiries or to express your interest, please fill out the form on our membership page or drop us an email. We're excited about the prospect of welcoming individuals from all walks of life and skill levels to share in the joy of cricket.

Zug Cricket Club (ZUG. C.C) is dedicated to connecting with other teams, enjoying cricket, and upholding the spirit of the game in Switzerland. Learn more about the origins of Zug Cricket Club and the shared passion for this beloved sport. Join us as we promote cricket and its camaraderie within the Swiss community.

Find out more about Cricket, the Beginning of Zug Cricket Club, and our Team.

Details regarding the ground:

Please comply with the following rules

To ensure smooth operations, please inform your team members and visitors about the following rules. Parking is restricted to the industrial area only. In front of the Clubhouse, parking is reserved for the Grounds Manager. Please refrain from parking on the grass, grounds, or street. Ample space is available at the Kolb company. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!






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