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Zug Cricket Club is one of the leading cricket clubs within Switzerland which has been playing cricket in Switzerland since 1984.
The English-born Fred Franks arrived in Sitzerland in 1972 as he followed his future wife back to her home country. Already as a Kid Fred loved Sports and was a active Athletic in discuss throughing and shotput. So in Switzerland he competed in the Zug summer games. His passion though was playing cricket. Since he was working in Zug in an english running company he got to know that there actually were Cricket Teams in the Zurich area. He joined a Team and went to the weekly practices and Weekend games. But commuting to zurich every week "was a pain in the neck". Thats when he decided to found he's own Club.  Due to his enormous commitment, he was lucky enough to gather talented cricketers which had the strong desire to play cricket for the Zug Cricket Club. Several months later the Zug CC was on it`s feet and playing their first matches.

Fred and his Family moved in to Aargau and had the possibility to get the sports ground in Obfelden. For many years it was the home ground of the Zug Club being popular with most teams.

Fred left Switzerland in 1995, hoping the Club would continue with their enthusiasm and future goals. His wish came true, as the club since then has been going on and on. 

The club now has over 20 active and passive team members which play in the Swiss League and several friendly fixtures. Matches are played in various types. 40 over games, 20 over games and even 10 over games.

Each year, the club hosts Family Days and encourages new and experienced players of all abilities to take part in this wonderful sport. The Club continued to go on for more than 36 years now, spreading the spirit of the game, packed with sport, fun, and music. ​

Are you interested in playing Cricket? Don`t hesitate to contact us and join our weekly practices. 

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