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Zug Cricket Club has been a cornerstone of Switzerland's cricket community since its establishment in 1984. 

The club's journey began with the arrival of English-born Fred Franks in Switzerland in 1972, drawn by love and a passion for sports. Fred's childhood affinity for athletics, particularly discus throwing and shotput, translated into a fervent love for cricket upon discovering its presence in Zurich.

His determination led him to join a team in Zurich, but the weekly commute proved tiresome. Thus, fueled by a vision and relentless commitment, Fred embarked on founding his own club. Through his tireless efforts, he attracted talented individuals eager to don the Zug Cricket Club's colors. Within months, the club was born, marking the inception of a legacy.

Securing the sports ground in Obfelden, Fred and his family transformed it into the club's cherished home ground, where countless memories were forged over the years. Though Fred departed Switzerland in 1995, his dream of a thriving club persisted, a wish fulfilled as the club continued to flourish.

Today, boasting over 20 active and passive members, the club competes in the Swiss League and engages in various friendly fixtures, ranging from 40 over to 10 over games. Embracing inclusivity, the club hosts Family Days annually, welcoming players of all skill levels to partake in the joy of cricket.

For the years, Zug Cricket Club has remained a beacon of the sport, fostering camaraderie, fun, and a shared love for cricket, upheld through spirited matches and vibrant community engagement.

Are you interested in playing Cricket? Don`t hesitate to contact us and join our weekly practices. 

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