For this year we have found our first Sponsor

Zug Cricket Club is very happy to present our first Sponsor.

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This year we have to invest a lot to equip our Home Ground. Any small contribution would help us to create a great venue. If you would like to help us, please contact us for more information. Thank you


Great news

We finally have a Home Ground

The search for a sports field began in the season 2020 and was focused on the city of Zug, obviously, since our name is Zug Cricket Club. After a few e-mails, we got the option to play our sport on the athletics track in Zug. Other venues were completely booked. Unfortunately, the size of the inner circle is too small and extending the pitch to the tartan track would cause too much risk of injury.

In February 2021, the search continued. Google Maps was searched for several hours, all soccer grounds and sports fields in the catchment area of the club members were noted. All potential communities were contacted. Unfortunately, we received one rejection after the other. Nearby places were also driven to and inspected. 
To our surprise, we received a positive answer with further questions. With persuasion and assurances of taking care of the ground, we received a confirmation to use it.

Now there was nothing standing in the way of planning a training game and presenting the new pitch to the whole club. We started the day with somewhat cool but beautiful weather. The fog lifted and warm sunshine accompanied us throughout the day at the internal club match.

At the end of the day we presented a few trophies: Best Batsman to Amal, Best Bowler to Michael and President`s Trophy to Pio.

Photos can be found in the gallery

Cricket  Hedingen-7765.jpg

Results of Season 2021


27.06 Winterthur CC 241/10 - 204/10 Zug CC // WCC won by 37 runs

04.07 Pakhtoon Zalmi CC 248/9 - 251/3 Zug CC // Zug won by 7 wickets

24.07 Zug CC 293/5 - 120/10 Zürich CCC 2nd // Zug won by 173 runs

01.08 Zug CC 195/4 -  182/7 Zürich Lions CC // Zug won by 13 runs

03.10 Zug CC 71/10 - 75/6 Zürich Lion CC // ZLCC won by 4 Wickets


Pickwick Cup T20  

13.06 Zug CC 144/4 - 145/4 Basel CC // Basel won by 6 wickets

13.06 Zug CC 194/4 - 151/9 Norvartis CC // Zug CC won by 43 runs

03.07 Zug CC 73/10 - 74/0 Olten CC // Olten CC won by 10 wickets

11.07 Swiss Afghan 266/6 - 199/8 Zug CC // Swiss Afghan won by 67 runs

22.08 Zug CC 0 - 0 Berne CC // Abandoned

29.08 Zug CC 165/7 - 155/6 CC Wettingen // Zug won by 10 runs

05.09 Aargau CC 128/4 - 132/2 Zug CC // Zug won by 8 Wickets

Into the semifinals in style

CSNL Match number 5 results:

Cern CC - 164/10 (38.1covers)

Zug CC - 167/2 ( 28.5 overs)

Pio de silva - 46 (61)

Amal roy fonseka - 48 (84)

Chamith karannagodage - 33* (21)

Michael walgamuwage - 7.0-1-38-3

Abdul samad irshad - 8.0-2-11-3

Amarasighe Nishad ushantha - 4.0-1-7-1

Zug CC won by 8 wickets.

"What a great win Zug CC…!

So proud of my team.

After wining the toss, we decided to bowl first, even though the ground and the wicket was very wet.

I had faith in my bowlers, I wanted my bowlers to keep Cern CC under 150, But Cern managed to make 164/10. our Bowling department did a fantastic job.

Well, even though 164 was a very gettable total, Amal and I struggled to score runs off Cern’s opening bowlers, the two opening bowlers were fantastic. Even though the score board ticked very slow, we decided to keep calm until the 20th over. Even though it was very slow approach, Zug CC managed to finish the game quite comfortably at the 28th over.

So proud of my team.

Let’s keep this spirit boys. " Pio de silva, Zug CC Captain


Through to the quarter finals

CSNL Match number 4 results-

Zug CC - 194/4 (20.0 overs)

ZLCC - 182/7(20.0 overs)

Amal Roy Fonseka - 77* (60)

Ayush Garg - 57 ( 32)

Pio De Silva - 33 (22)

Michael Walgamuwage - 3.0-0-39-2

Mohamed Irshad Samad - 3.0-0-29-2

Chamith Karannagodage - 4.0-0-29-2

Amal Roy Fonseka- 4.0-0-27-1

Zug CC won by 13 runs.

"Another big win for the Zug boys. So proud of my team mates.

Again a fantastic half century by our Run Machine Amal, and a quick firing Half Century by Ayush. Together they posted a Fantastic opening partnership of 108 runs, which helped us reach the 194 mark in 20 overs.

Great bowling performances by Irshad, Chamith, Mike and Amal….

The team spirit was extremely high, maybe this will show some people that ‘TEAM SPIRIT’ really exists among the members of Zug CC…!

Thank you so so much Zurich Lions, and the umpires Nasir and Abbas for your patience, they stayed under an umbrella for over 4 hours till the weather gave us a playable condition RESPECT.

“Let’s keep going Zug Boys..!"

Pio De Silva, Zug CC Captain

This year's new Cricket clothing. (2021)