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Our Club is thankful for every person/ company who considers to help us and would offer to support us financially. With a one-time sponsorship, we could buy our equipment which is so important for the 2022 season. Our team is playing in the National League, and we want to leave a good impression towards our opponents on our newly obtained Home Ground.

Most welcome are those who would also like to support us in the long term.

There are various sponsorship offers available depending on the sum of the sponsorship. These are outlined below and can be negotiated on an individual base.

For each sponsor, we will provide a space on our social media and website. With your Logo, you will join us at all our matches nationwide.


We offer various possibilities of advertising which will be displayed and visible during the whole time of our matches and so grant great exposure. We cannot offer permanent advertising boards, instead, we believe that the forms of advertising we propose will be more eye-catching and interesting so that players, spectators, and passers-by will take notice of your Logo.


We offer three opportunities to advertise on the front side of the shirt, the backside, and on the sleeves. Sponsors get a wide audience, as our club shirts are worn by all our team players at all our matches, home and away.



As trouser sponsorship, we offer the main advertising on the front side of the trouser. Same as the shirt, trousers get a wide audience, as our club trousers are worn by all our team players at all our matches, home and away.


Cricket equipment:

All our club players wear cricket equipment such as cricket helmets and cricket pads. We offer a cricket equipment sponsorship where the sponsors advertise on the front side of the helmets and cricket pads. Same as the shirt and trousers, cricket equipment advertisements get a wide audience since all the team members wear this equipment in every match.


Feather flags:

These eye-catching 2m tall sponsorship flags will be put up at all our home and away matches, as well as at our family get together days.


We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our sponsors and hope that you will continue to support our successful club for years to come.



We realize that monetary sponsorship may not be suitable for all businesses. Any other way of donation would help to improve the cricket facilities of our club and would be highly appreciated. For example, any type of cricket equipment such as cricket balls, cricket bats, and a bowling machine.





To support us with monetary sponsorships please refer to the following account details of our club.

Account Name: Zug Cricket Club

IBAN: CH43 900 0000 1606 4592 2

Account No: 16-6+4592-2


To discuss your sponsorship options in more detail, please contact us over our E-Mail or Contact Form.

Would be great to work together with you in the future. Thank you.

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